AMDB Architetti

Piazzale Donatello, 25, 50132 Firenze, Italia

The professional activity of the Firm is mainly focused on the design and construction of residential, commercial and tourist-receptive architectures of contemporary imprint in Italy and abroad. For the most part, these are works aimed at recovering and enhancing the existing building, trying to preserve its valuable aspects and designing spaces in search of a compositional harmony without ever neglecting the deepening of every single detail. The interior design in fact represents an important professional characterization that generally completes even the most complex projects. The studio's design activity also deals with the new construction of residential complexes and housing units, offering accommodations with high-level architectural features. , functional, distributive and finishing. Many of the projects carried out are reviewed by well-known trade magazines and have received the recognition of important national competitions. In recent years the design activity has been particularly focused on prestigious single-family residences for which an integrated study of internal and external spaces has been conducted