Brescia, Italia

Andrea Costa

Brescia, Italia

Andrea Costa is a Construction Engineer, owner of Studio XLam Architectures, specializing in architectural and structural design of wooden buildings, civil, industrial and sports works in solid wood, lamellar wood and XLam.

He works as a freelancer with specialized companies in the field of green building and wood structures, dealing at the same time with planning and work supervision of buildings made with natural materials and hybrid systems.
He deals with specialized design of laminated and solid wood structures; structural feasibility of complex and well-lit works, adaptation surveys and structural consolidation; static testing of works in wood, steel, masonry and a .; fire resistance tests of wooden and wood-steel structures; specialized conferences aimed at the professional updating of Engineers and Architects and at the educational integration of technical Faculty students.
He is also interested in energy saving and bioclimatic design.

On the occasion of Milan Expo 2015, it participates in a high profile international experience: the engineering of the wooden facade of the Japan Pavilion, characterized by the use of the "three-dimensional wooden grid", adopted in the outer wall.

Author of the book "Structural practice: wooden buildings made with X-LAM" published by Maggioli in 2019