balbek bureau

86P Kazimira Malevicha, off. 107, 03150, Kiev, Ukraine

balbek bureau is an architectural interior design bureau with a team of enthusiastic architects and interior designers. For 11 years’ experience in creating bespoke commercial and residential spaces, we’ve been building our community of simple and livable spaces. Comfort, innovation and functionality are the driving forces behind every architecture and interior design project we realize. Our work has received multiple international awards; it is published in numerous reference editions and periodicals worldwide


Apartment with old walls

Old walls and exposed wooden beams. Apartment for a young professional

The client for the project is a young single professional. A preliminary evaluation of the apartment already revealed considerable potential: masonry hidden under layers of plaster, old wooden beams on the ceiling and sloping walls in the attic

Showroom and tailoring in Kiev. Simple shapes in a historical layout with a complex geometry

Showroom and tailoring in Kiev. Simple shapes in a historical layout with a complex geometry

Syndacate is a showroom and tailoring workshop located in Kiev, Ukraine, and designed by balbek bureau studio. Housed in an old building, consisting of irregular walls and confined spaces, it is skillfully designed

Living room of a co-living room

Co-living in the centre of San Francisco. Innovative space stimulates creativity and productivity

The balbek bureau has designed an innovative space open to entrepreneurs, inventors, musicians and artists from all over the world in an old three-storey building to create connections with the city through the interior design and to promote creativity and productivity among the residents

Ancient church set up as a modern event room

Multifunctional complex in San Francisco. Old Church furnished as Event Hall

The architectural studio balbek bureau designs a multifunctional architectural complex in a lively area of San Francisco, including a residential building, an old church furnished as a modern event hall and a common courtyard

Interior of a restaurant

Restaurant with a lively design. Interior in various shades of green

The balbek bureau studio designs the interior of a fast casual restaurant. The interior design appears lively, simple and elegant at the same time, practical and durable, characterized by green tones, the distinctive colour of the company

Renaissance building pink background

"Revival" of a Renaissance building. From Thermal Structure to Recreational Space

In Odessa, a modern Ukrainian city steeped in history and culture, the balbek bureau of architecture studio renovates a Renaissance building, preserving the original spirit and making it at the same time attractive to the modern clientele