Laupenstrasse 203008 Bern, Svizzera
Rue du Crêt-Taconnet 172000 Neuchâtel, Svizzera
Zimmerlistrasse 68004 Zürich, Svizzera

Berne, Neuchâtel, Zurich. The work of the Bauart architects is characterized by the will to make a contribution to the current building culture. The works are characterized by a differentiated attitude in terms of urban planning and the targeted use of different materials. The focal points of the activity are project planning and execution of new buildings and conversions, sustainability, studies and research work, expertise, project development and project management, participation in competitions and cooperation in professional associations (BSA/SIA/FSU/SWB/Swissolar/Solar Swiss Connect/Cobaty International /Association Ecoparc/EspaceSuisse)