Caprioglio Associati

Via delle Industrie 23, 30175 Venezia VE, Italia

The Caprioglio Associati Studio of Architecture was founded in 1999 as a natural continuation, progress and unification of the Venetian and Friulian studies of the architect Giovanni Caprioglio who, with his son Filippo Caprioglio, gave way to a new professional reality linked not only to the national territory, but which expands its possibilities also with international experiences and industrial design. The values ​​that the studio promotes are those of the most advanced design culture, above all for its attention to the real needs of the client and the historical and physical environment in which it is inserted. From large public complexes to private buildings, the work of Caprioglio Associati has set, in its temporal path, episodes that have qualified the territory of belonging and enriched the technical and formal research of which contemporary architecture has made its flag. The studio develops the specific project editing activity in collaboration with the Workshop studio, an architectural services company of which Giovanni Caprioglio is president. Over the years, professional partnerships have also been developed with other firms including those of Bolina Ingegneria, Francesco Cellini, Giovanni Cervesi, Antonio, Martini, Germana Morganti Cima, Roberto Dambrosi, Paolo De Marzi, Marcello Drabeni, Antonio Gandolfi, Gianni Pennestri, Alessandro Pertoldeo , Boris Podrecca, Daniele Rinaldo, Andrea Salvioni, Studio Scape, Steam Engineering, Marco Villa, Renato Vitaliani, Eric Walls and Guido Zordan. Furthermore, since January 2002, Studio Caprioglio Associati has been one of the founding members of the Venet.IA group (temporary association of professionals Veneti Ingegneri Architetti) composed of the following professionals: Studio Bellavitis Associati Architetti, Studio Ing. Rigato, Studio Arch. Dario Vatta , Studio AP & P Engineering Srl, Studio Iconia Ingegneria Srl, Studio Ing. Vitaliani, Studio Ing. Flavio Zuanier ed Associati Srl