destilat Architecture+Design Studio GmbH

Laimgrubengasse 4, 1060 Wien, Austria

destilat is active internationally in the field of interior design and furniture design. destilat considers every task in a holistic context and offers complete interior design concepts for the public and private sectors, for hotels, offices and commercial premises, as well as for fairs, which are elaborated in detail. distillation is strongly involved with the company architecture and the integration of brands and products in the respective architecture. At the same time, distillation supports its customers in the joint development of series products in the furniture sector. The mission describes distillation as follows: "There is no past, present or future. There is only what you do with it. Design is a process without beginning and without end, a field of great curiosity, a repository of ideas. In we move this creative environment, somewhere between the old and the new. We are looking for the innovative that seems familiar to us, after the provocation that touches us, the functional seriousness that makes us laugh. We work with all emotions and senses. customer requirements, technical facts and aesthetic qualities are combined step by step in the design process. The essence of this process is the product. Concentrated, reduced, distilled