ELASTICOSPA - Stefano Pujatti Architetti

Strada Giardina, 10, 10023 Chieri TO, Italia

ELASTICOSPA was born in 2005 on the initiative of the architect Stefano Pujatti. Stefano Pujatti was born in Aviano in 1968, graduated in 1992 (IUAV) and obtained a Master's degree in 1994 (SCIARC). After collaborating with Coop-Himelblau in Los Angeles and Gino Valle Architetti in Paris, he embarked on the freelance profession. He is a professor at the Faculty of Architecture 1 of the Turin Polytechnic and has been invited internationally as a speaker and guest critic in various universities. Today the architects Valeria Brero, Daniele Almondo and Serena Nano are part of the ELASTICOSPA team. Approach to the project ELASTICOSPA is able to develop and coordinate the architectural project at any scale and phase, thanks to the combination of a careful formal investigation with the constructive experience achieved in over 15 years of experience. Regardless of the scale, ELASTICOSPA's interventions are always conceived as urban hubs, able to influence, revitalize and enhance the context in which they are placed, enhancing their positive and peculiar aspects. Awards and recognitions The studio has obtained important international recognitions including the Selection for the Mies van der Rohe 2013 Award and the INARCH-ANCE Young Designer Award 2006, and has participated in events including the Venice Architecture Biennale, XIV edition (2014 ), XII edition (2010) and X edition (2006), the London Architecture Festival (2008), the V Architecture Biennale of Brasilia (2006). In addition to numerous publications in sector magazines and books in different countries, in 2008 the Maggioli publishing house published the monographic book "Architecture in the blood" followed by the exhibition "FORM FOLLOWS MY HAND" at the Cattaneo archive in Cernobbio (CO) . In January 2014 the book "1301INN Drawing, Building, Photography", Edizioni Letteraventidue was published. Collaborations ELASTICOSPA collaborates regularly with the ELASTICO3 studio of the architect Alberto Del Maschio, based in Budoia (PN) and with the design studio ELASTICO DISEGNO by Sara Dal Gallo and Guido Chierici, based in Chieri (TO)