Faraone Titania glass staircase
Faraone Titania glass staircase
Glass stairs

Faraone stairs are the only ones on the market that are manufactured in full compliance with the Italian regulations in force and with a test certificate on request according to the intended use. They are real sculptures that stand out in the air becoming protagonists of the environment, with pure, unique and evolved design. The contrast between light and shadow, glass and steel, creates refined chromatic effects, a synthesis of solidity and aesthetic lightness at the same time. Faraone's interior staircase collections are the result of a brilliant innovation: the modular structure of steel, aluminium and glass elements without compromising the aesthetically harmonious combinations with glass. Faraone stairs are designed to adapt to any type of environment thanks to the perfect adaptability of their components and the possibility of a high customization of colours and materials.

Ninfa staircase with a contemporary design, is the first with structural aluminium leg loops combined with the prestige of glass. 

- Ninfa Scala | Designers Nino Faraone - Matteo Paolini - Roberto Volpe