Kalevankatu 31, 00100 Helsinki, Finlandia

Avanto Architects is an architecture agency based in Helsinki, founded in 2004. "Avanto" means "hole in the ice" and refers to the popular Finnish hobby of winter swimming. They want their architecture to be a powerful experience just like jumping into icy water. With their high-quality architectural design, they have helped their clients create successful stories and achieve goals in terms of branding, visibility, and economics.

Avanto's architecture makes a difference.

With partners from various disciplines around the world, they create new types of spaces and environments where design, sustainability, and personal experience are key elements. Awarded with over twenty international awards and with significant global media coverage, Avanto is one of the most prominent Finnish architecture studios.


Finnish Design Shop: Nordic design and its largest online store in the world

Do you love Nordic design? Discover the headquarters of Finnish Design Shop.

The new building of the Finnish Design Shop, headquarters of the online retailer of Nordic design objects and furniture, was designed by the Avanto architecture studio. It includes a logistics center that delivers products to over a hundred countries, as well as a showroom and a restaurant: a success in which the pandemic played a key role, due to the forced closure of physical stores.

Pokrinniemi House and its original cross-shaped space. Four different views of the precious landscape

Pokrinniemi House and its original cross-shaped space. Four different views of the precious landscape

The location of the Pokrinniemi House is unique: even though it is only a couple of kilometers from the center of the Finnish city of Hämeenlinna, the house sits on a small promontory surrounded by a lake from which a precious natural panorama can be enjoyed. Precisely for the protection of this, the general plan of the city has established strict rules for new buildings

Waterfront sauna and auditorium

Waterfront and wooden slats. Sauna and auditorium for outdoor activities on the Baltic Sea

The building, sauna and outdoor auditorium, characterized by wooden slats and designed by the AVANTO architecture studio is located in the Hernesaari area, a former industrial area on Helsinki's waterfront, which is being transformed into a residential area

Cavity of a wooden sauna

Sauna in the middle of Hong Kong. A cavity with wavy shapes enclosed in a box

The Finnish architecture studio AVANTO and the architect Hiroko Mori, through the design of a sauna, with curvilinear shapes inside and rigid outside, decide to show a piece of Finland in the chaotic city of Honk Kong