Nieuwe Hemweg 2, 1013 BG Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"KettingHuls is a Dutch architecture firm full of ambition, working in a refurbished warehouse located on the Amsterdam harbour front.

KettingHuls was founded in 2012 by Daniëlle Huls and Monica Ketting. The practice works on projects that vary in scale, dimension and programme; ranging from architecture to urban design.

To us, buildings never exist in isolation: we look beyond zoning boundaries and see the built environment, public space, the landscape and society as parts of a whole.

We aim to reveal human perceptions, memories and imagination. Our interest lies in studying how residents and other users behave, perceive and remember their environment.

Our objective is always to create everyday beauty. We like to draw attention to universal yet forgotten values that are still valid and give them new meaning through the spaces we design.

We look at the city and the land from the perspective of those who move slowly: those who travel about on foot or by bike; active people who draw on all their senses to perceive and experience the built environment."