M2R Arquitectos

M2R Arquitectos

Félix Frías 479 Córdoba, Argentina

M2R Arquitectos is an architecture firm founded in 2015 by Manuel Martínez, Franco Morero, and Nahuel Recabarren, based in Córdoba, Argentina. The studio was born in response to the International Competition for the design of the Cultural Center of Bamyan in Afghanistan, where their project "The Eternal Presence of Absence" was selected from 1070 proposals from 177 countries.

Development and Achievements

Since then, M2R Arquitectos has been dedicated to participating in competitions and developing projects of various scales both in Argentina and abroad. Their team currently consists of 9 professionals distributed between Argentina and Spain. Their work ranges from design to the complete realization of projects.

Philosophy and Impact

M2R Arquitectos' approach is based on understanding the dynamics of the built environment and the desire to create exceptional livable spaces. They are particularly interested in projects that can significantly influence the environment and local communities. Their projects have been recognized and published nationally and internationally.

Awards and Participations

Recently, the studio was invited to speak at the World Congress of Architects in Rio de Janeiro. Among their recognitions, in 2020 they received an honorable mention for the urban planning project "Piazza Transalpina" in Nova Gorica, Slovenia/Gorizia, Italy, and won the second prize for the urban regeneration of the City Center of Segrate, Milan. Other awards include the first prize in the International Competition for the Cultural Center of Bamiyan in 2015 and various other recognitions in international competitions.