Untitled Designer Profile

Via Portico, 59 24050 Orio al Serio BG Italia

Mauro Piantelli (1966), Carlo Vailati (1966) e Massimo Bressanelli (1966) graduate at the Polytechnic University in Milan (Italy). Since the early 90’s they start working in Milan (Italy) and establish the De8 architects office. They soon moved the office to Bergamo and in 2008 Cristian Sangaletti (1976), graduated at the Polytechnic University in Milan, becomes associated architect.

The Office works both in Italy and abroad, dealing with a wide variety of design themes: urban, residential, commercial, trade, hotels, sports facilities, interior design, retail. In recent years the office was able to verify through the realization of many projects, some research topics addressing environmental sustainability without sacrificing a the use of a contemporary and very personal architectural languages. The ability to perform frequent changes of scale, from urban planning to construction details, along with a deep interest in various architectural themes, has become a prerogative and a hallmark of their professional activities: “unspecialised architecture”. Founding member of “New Italian blood”, the study has been invited to exhibitions and conferences both in Italy and abroad, their projects have been published in numerous architectural magazines. The office currently consists of about twenty young architects, both Italians and foreigners.