Wood Marsh

30 Beaconsfield Parade, Port Melbourne VIC 3207, Australia

Roger Wood and Randal Marsh have been in private practice since 1983, and their early philosophical and aesthetic ideals have been sustained to inform their architecture throughout the ensuing decades. Contextual issues of locality and region underpin their diverse body of work, which spans residential, commercial and urban architecture.

The practice is renowned for its clarity of vision and its versatility, with art galleries, wineries and private homes as deftly executed as the extensive urban infrastructure the firm has created in and around Melbourne, where it is based.

In each project, Wood Marsh’s founding principles are evident: the sculptural quality of the external forms, the play of solidity and transparency, and the materiality of the limited palettes. Each reminds us that contemporary architecture can have a permanence, and that practical design can be unique and beautiful.

Unmoved by the ebb and flow of design trends, Roger Wood and Randal Marsh cite the arts, generally, rather than architecture specifically, as being of a greater influence on their practice and are proud that their work has been acquired by the National Gallery of Victoria, the National Gallery of Australia, RMIT University and private collectors.

The firm has also been recognised nationally and internationally as the recipient of more than 50 architecture industry awards