Frank Chou Design Studio

100025 Tuanjiehu, Distretto di Chaoyang Cina

Frank Chou Design Studio which was founded in 2012 by Frank Chou now has become the most representative independent design studio in China. The studio captures the essence of material and object and creates elegant and long-lasting design pieces. Leaded by Frank Chou, the studio tries to balance aesthetic differences between the East and West through an unique perspective, and to find the Chinese modern design expression which is also synchronizing with the international design. The founder and creative director Frank Chou was born in Beijing where the traditional and contemporary era were alternating rapidly, and he came with interesting and creative things, including design, art, music and film. As a representative and independent designer, Frank Chou 's works are related to furniture design, product design, and limited art design, etc. With the accumulation of work experience in European, the maturity of design cognition and every design piece by him can express the pursuit of freedom of design and needs of macro-design thinking in order to achieve a balance among the business, manufacturing, marketing and aesthetic considerations