Muroplus Geocover split model
Muroplus Geocover split model
Muroplus - Geocover model spacco

Geopietra, strong of its desire for continuous change and evolution, is pleased to present the new Muroplus line. Muroplus contains accessories specially designed for the finishing of Murogeopietra. Geocover is the first product of the new line muroplus, innovative covers designed and produced by the internal section geopietra: geodo.
In geocover we find the elegance and aesthetic credibility, typical of the Geopietra style. The split of the natural stones and their finishes are in fact reproduced in a perfect way.

Finish and materials
The slit model takes its name from the typical chisel work on the edges, while the surface has a natural finish. Its mixture is composed of selected granules of rock and cement additive high strength, reinforced with fibreglass. The covers of the slit model are supplied with drip, in various sizes of width with fixed length and height. The split pattern is complete with pillar heads.

Color and shade
The five colours produced have been designed to harmonize perfectly with the wide range of tones present in Murogeopietra. As in Murogeopietra also in the split pattern covers we find the beauty and emotion of the time spent.

The slit model is available in 5 different colors:
– Spacco BT
– Spacco GT
– Spacco GP
– Spacco BR
– Spacco MT