Horma Estudio

Carrer del Clero, 6, 46004 València, Valencia, Spagna

HORMA is an architecture studio founded in 2012 in Valencia that bases its practice on the development of custom architecture; tailored to each user, each place, each landscape and each context.
Matter, geometry and light are the tools that allow us to give space the character that makes it a unique atmosphere.
We are interested in thinking and working by hand, both in the studio and on the job, introducing experimentation as part of the development. We understand that the manual is unique, capable of endowing the work with the virtue of the unrepeatable.
The processes and resources used are considered from the origin of the project with the aim of minimizing the impact they may have on its environment, proposing an architecture that is conscious and respectful of the past, present and future.
Our trajectory, fundamentally focused on the residential and multi-residential area, has allowed us to understand that each project must be unique. Thus, we propose architecture and interior design in the same line of work, where small and large challenges are addressed without distinction.