Solar energy systems
Solar energy systems
Solar collectors

The company Hoval provides different types of solar collectors, storage kits and combined solar energy storage tanks to suit the different requirements of the customer with regard to solar energy systems.

Among the solar thermal collectors, the company offers UltraSol, a collector with an intelligent and elegant construction which is easy to install and equipped with anti-reflective solar glass, UltraSol eco is an economical version of the preceding one with solar glass that has a standard surface and Panels for large installations, with surfaces of more than 40 square metres, with a highly selective aluminium absorber. As a storage kit, SolKit aqua is designed to heat drinking water using solar energy and a pellet boiler, a heat pump and a condensing boiler powered by oil or gas. The kit includes a storage tank and a group for supply and return. The connection is compact and fast, suitable for a single-family house, whether it is newly built or renovated. Among the combined solar energy accumulators there is CombiSol, a highly resistant solution for the production of hot water and heating and among the heating systems used for the heating, SolarCompact is proposed, a solar energy solution for the production of hot water in your home, with attention to the environmental impact and the economic aspect.