Ismo Arquitectura

Calle Carretería 16 29008 Málaga

The architects Isabel Amores Sánchez and Modesto García Méndez founded the studio Ismo Arwuitectrura in 2001. Isabela Amores Sánchez has her training in the field of architectural restoration, traditional and environmental materials and techniques. Modesto García Méndez graduated from the Technical School of Seville since 2000 completing the course with the doctorate "The contemporary city project" and "The change of the century, Reflections and proposals" complete their training. Their ideas come from a travel notebook in which they note curiosities, proportions, details, and as a testimony of experiences, which are fixed in the memory and will lead to new projects, where respect for tradition will always mark the strict limit. Always in continuous learning starting from the search for duality and balance learned from M.C. Escher and Le Corbusier, the rigor in craftsmanship inspired by José M. Fdez, De la Puente and Fernando Carrascal