Johan Sundberg Arkitektur

Lilla Fiskaregatan 16A, 222 22 Lund, Svezia

Johan Sundberg Arkitektur AB works with clients throughout Sweden on private residences, multiple-family homes, interiors and special projects. The firm has its roots in Johan Sundberg’s architectural work. The firm got off to a running start when the 2006 project Villa Bergman Werntoft, which was originally a thesis project, was nominated for the Swedish architecture magazine Arkitektur’s 2007 Debut Prize. Many projects have followed. The firm was selected as one of the world’s most interesting young architectural firms for Wallpaper Architects Directory 2010. Today, Lund-based Johan Sundberg Architecture shares many of the firm’s daily responsibilities with a number of associate architects, and their finished projects are featured in architecture press from all around the world. Johan Sundberg also teaches at the Architecture Department of Lund University’s Faculty of Engineering (LTH). Many of the firm’s employees have been educated at the same institute