SCREENY roller awnings Ke outdoor design
SCREENY roller awnings Ke outdoor design
Roller awnings

KE, the world's leading company in the field of solar shading, with its refined design, innovation, breadth and transversality of the offer as well as its flexibility in the management of " custom-made" and special solutions offers roller awnings that adapt to the design of spaces according to the principles of Day lighting. Thanks to these systems it is possible to protect yourself from the intense heat and to always make the entry of light into the environment optimal.

In order to meet the culture of Day lighting and maximize visual comfort, while reducing energy consumption, KE has developed SCREENY roller awnings. This system is particularly suitable for external screening of doors, windows and curtain walls while optimizing some key aspects of energy saving. As a matter of fact, by shielding the rooms from solar radiation, it is possible to keep them cooler without using air conditioning systems as well as modulating the entry of light by exploiting natural lighting in a more efficient and comfortable way. Screeny designed roller awnings with or without a box that is available in square, round and beveled versions and are a minimalist aesthetic choice, a system that integrates perfectly into modern architecture, ensuring high performance and standards. The high modularity of the system makes it possible to obtain more than 200 variants to satisfy all needs.