White sails Ke Outdoor Design
White sails Ke Outdoor Design

The company KE Outdoor Design proposes the sails of the SAILS range, perfect for a trendy outdoor and natural look under the banner of Made in Italy quality with a light, modern and essential design. Thanks to this product, outdoor spaces are shaded and become an integral part of everyday life through the ingenious combination of technology, design and functionality.

The Sails offer elegance and comfort in any architectural context and inspired by the sea, they are equipped with fabrics and technology of nautical origin and provides protection from the sun and resistance to weathering and wear. The company offers actual do-it-yourself maintenance kits, "Sails Clean Kits", containing everything needed to clean and preserve the sails. There are two main products: KHEOPE and KOLIBRIE.

KHEOPE is a real shade sail which is large in size and expresses modernity and provides an important area of shade. Thanks to the stainless steel used for the structure and the materials used for the sail, although the design is light and minimalist, the functionality is maximized. In case of strong wind, the automatic closing of the sail is guaranteed. KHEOPE SKIN and KHEOPE ROLLER are suitable to provide a clean and modern design to cover any outdoor space and with simple maneuvers it is even possible to freely change the inclination of the canvas from the floor through the use of collars. Kheope Roller differs from Skin because of the addition of the boom to envelop the canvas. The steel pin is telescopic in the furler which enables the height of the sail to be modified even on the boom poles, making the product extremely multipurpose. The aesthetic coherence of Roller and Skin allows them to be freely placed side by side. It is also possible to create custom-made solutions to meet any design requirement.

As for KOLIBRIE, on the other hand, it is a sail umbrella designed with a single offset support pole made of stainless steel and it can be oriented 360° thanks to the pedestal with bearings. The movement can be manual or motorized and closes automatically in case of strong wind. Made of Dacron, it is very resistant to wear and tear as well as to atmospheric agents and saltiness, making it ideal for seaside resorts. Thanks to its aesthetics and the quality of its materials, KOLIBRIE is a genuine design object that is light and modern and the expression of an innovative way of shading outdoor spaces and living outdoors.