Leonardo Di Chiara Architetto

Viale Virgilio, 5 61121 Pesaro PU Italia

My name is Leonardo. I am a 27-year-old Italian architect and engineer who lives the fascinating world of tiny architecture from my involvement in July 2016 with Tinyhouse University and Van Bo Le-Mentzel in Berlin. Being able to meet Van Bo encouraged me to try living with the essentials. This is why I decided to start designing a tiny minimalist home inspired by the beauty of emptiness: aVOID. I will participate as an official member at the Bauhaus Campus Exhibition until 8 March 2018, a small experimental village within the prestigious garden of the Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum of Design in Berlin. Being the only Italian architect to design a house on the campus gave me the responsibility and honor to represent, in my own small way, my country of origin. Putting together the best companies in my region "Le Marche" I created and gave life to aVOID. Starting from April 2018 I will return to Italy where I will open the doors of my house to all visitors who want to learn more about the "little life". My "little on tour" "He will stop in Monaco, Ulm, Mendrisio, Milan, Rome, Bologna, Turin, Padua to return to the starting point: Pesaro, my hometown. During my trip I will invite people to test the my home and to discuss new ways to make the lifestyle of our city more sustainable