Mangera Yvars Architects - MYAA

21 Clapham High St Clapham, London SW4 7TR Regno Unito

MYAA (Mangera Yvars Architects) is an award-winning international architectural design firm that offers architectural, interior, landscaping and design services for clients around the world. The work of practice ranges from architecture to urban design derived from the social and cultural analysis that leads to bespoke buildings, which celebrate the unique attributes of cities, places and contexts. Operating across offices in London, Barcelona, ​​Asia, and just over the United States, the global range of MYAA projects covers many areas, but the practice is focused on creating dynamic spaces and a vibrant architecture that incorporates multiple uses that transcend the narrow definition of buildings. MYAA's recent projects include a new artistic, cultural and residential district, an Above Station Transport project, a commercial headquarters tower, a mixed-use Waterfront project, leisure and hotel development, and a Cup sports arena of the FIFA World with Legacy Planning. Other recent projects include the prestigious Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies on The Education and Campus, a cultural building and hotel in London, as well as a Smart City for Eco Tourism. MYAA is also working on many sustainable design initiatives including a Carbon Neutral Retail Mall, LEED Platinum buildings and a low cost passive design Educational Campus developed using parametric design tools. The practice has won numerous awards including the Civic Trust Award 2017 as part of a team working in the center of Doha and the 2017 American Architecture Prize for cultural, educational and institutional architecture. The practice was recently a finalist for the International RIBA Award, the Architecture Review Moira Gemmill Woman Architect of the Year and the Building Building Public Architect of the Year. The office was also praised at the 2016 World Architecture Festival and won the 2015 World Architecture Festival. MYAA was also the overall winner of the 2015 MEED Award for best project in the GCC and the best social infrastructure project of 2015. MYAA has exhibited all over the world, including at the 2016 Venice Biennale and at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, as well as participating in various exhibitions and galleries in many other cities. The practice is also involved in teaching initiatives that led to studies, workshops and symposia in London, Barcelona, ​​Hong Kong and New York. The office has also been featured in many publications and media outlets including BBC, CNN and other retail outlets.