Marià Castelló Arquitecture

Formentera, Baleari, Spagna

The studio began its course in February 2002 with the first public and private initiative projects in Formentera. The connection, the respect and the commitment with the culture, the landscape and the territory of the minor of the Pitiüsas islands was determining in the professional and personal orientation chosen. The peace, austerity, serenity, precision, humility, balance, harmony, sustainability, order, containment and ingenuity of the original character of the island inspire and dye the work of the office


villa ibiza swimming pool pinewood

Five constructions for a Villa in Ibiza. Nature creates the spaces of interconnection

In a forest of pine and firtrees, whereyou can still recognize the ancient terraces, the architect Marià Castelló conceives this house as a succession of volumes, where the connecting spaces between the various functional  areas are made outdoors.

Nautical center formentera lamellar structures

Sailing school in Formentera. Lamellar and tensile structures frame the bay

The Spanish architect MariàCastelló designed the Formentera Water Sports Center project starting from the connection between the Mediterranean Sea and the pond of the SesSalines Natural Park. Two volumes overlook the bay following its natural conformation

Castle in restored stone

Restoration of the defensive tower in Formentera. The "Pi des Català" regains its original character

Built between 1762 and 1763, the " Pi des Català " tower on the coast of the island of Formentera, Spain, was restored for defensive purposes by the Marià Castelló Arquitecte studio

Wooden villa

Wooden Villa on the island of Formentera. Between Bioclimatic and Natural Materials

On a plot of land close to Migjorn beach, on the south coast of the island of Formentera, architect Marià Castelló Martínez has built a villa by the sea that focuses on the duality of bioclimatic systems and natural materials to protect the environment