Mr. Falck

Helsinki, Finlandia

Robert Falck is a Helsinki born and bred designer. Ever curious and constantly learning and mastering new skills to implement in his work. In his mind design is a behavior, it's second-nature. Robin is at his core a craftsman and you can usually find him in his studio with a tool in his hand, working on another prototype. His approach to design is tactile, simple and strives to tidy things up as elegantly as possible. He strives to take away and simplifying the unnecessary rather than adding new problems. His love for products and equipment that lasts is one of his major driving factors. Robin pushes himself to make his designs as timeless and sustainable as possible. Whether it’s art direction, product design or graphic design, the core values of his creative process remains the same – dedication, quality consciousness and a commitment to deliver. Robin spends a lot time studying the problem or subject to end up with a more refined and better result