Chizu Kobayashi and the intertwined art of wire.
Chizu Kobayashi and the intertwined art of wire.

Chizu Kobayashi and the intertwined art of wire

The poetic art of Chizu Kobayashi takes us into a surreal world that engages our imagination. The artist, using a material as common and simple as wire, manages to shape original works of art, creating sculptures that captivate the attention of anyone who encounters them.

The Creative Expression of Chizu Kobayashi

Born and raised in Japan, Chizu Kobayashi developed a passion for art from a young age, however it was the discovery of wire as a means of expression that truly changed the course of her artistic career. With astonishing mastery, she weaves and bends wire to create shapes and figures that seem to come to life before our eyes.

The designer's works range from realistic representations of animals to abstract compositions that challenge our perception of reality. Through her work, the artist explores universal themes such as nature, spirituality, and the complexity of human existence.

Chizu Kobayashi and the intertwined art of wire.

Expressive Language Through Wire

What truly makes Chizu Kobayashi's sculptures unique is their ability to communicate emotions and sensations beyond words. Every fold and twist of the wire seems to tell a story, inviting the viewer to reflect on their earthly experience.

Chizu Kobayashi and the intertwined art of wire.

The beauty of handmade art in the technological age

At a time when technology seems to dominate all aspects of our lives, Chizu Kobayashi's wire sculptures remind us of the beauty and power of handmade art. Through her talent and creativity, the artist invites us to slow down, to pause and contemplate and appreciate the wonder of the world around us. The invitation is to take a moment to be swept away by beauty and depth. Wire is more than just a material; it can be a window to worlds of emotion and meaning.

Chizu Kobayashi and the intertwined art of wire.

#1 responses

What inspires the subjects of your works?

When I create for free artistic expression, not on commission, I create what I feel in that moment. And it is often linked to nature. I like to insert words, phrases, poetry that, in my opinion, express a message of joy, gratitude, and self-awareness. As brilliantly described by writer Elizabeth Gilbert in her brilliant TED TALK, and by many artists such as directors, writers, and musicians, I believe I am a vehicle of the universe, creating through me. For me, art is a co-creation with the divine. I draw inspiration everywhere, in nature, walking on the hill and in the city, working in the garden, practicing yoga and meditation, cooking, and lighting a fire in the fireplace.

I see the world as if it were divinely orchestrated. Everything happens at the right time and in the right place. What happens doesn't have inherent meaning, meaning is assigned by each of us. Even in things that seem negative, there is always a gift to be found. By creating wire sculptures, I love the idea of drawing in the air. Even large sculptures are light compared to their volume. Objects cast shadows that give depth in space and a different perspective. This also teaches me that truth is not singular.

Chizu Kobayashi and the intertwined art of wire.

#2 responses

How did you come up with the idea of expressing yourself through wire?

The initial inspiration was the work of Alexander Calder that I first discovered at the Whitney Museum in New York when I was 14. Calder created large iron sculptures, his work left a mark on me, especially his piece called Circus. I really liked the wire figures, and that's where the inspiration to use this material came from. During a trip, I took some aluminum wire and pliers to start creating.

#3 responses

From Tokyo, through the city of Bologna, to choosing to live in the Apennines of Emilia, now your home. Has this new way of living in space and nature influenced your art?

I feel like I was guided in choosing to live in the Apennines. I started self-taught gardening in a natural way, recognizing edible plants and their powers. And probably I was predisposed to certain activities, I already had some experiences from past lives. Even before living in the midst of nature, the subjects of my works were always objects related to nature, like chickens, the plant world, etc. I am aware that I have increasingly approached my inner self, my nature, and things have manifested themselves.