Pauline Loctin

Pauline Loctin (also known as Miss Cloudy) is a paper sculptor who was born in central France in 1985. Based in Montreal for more than a decade now, she practices paper folding, among other things. Designing and sculpting paper costumes and murals, Pauline Loctin reaches various audiences with her work, which is defined by extensive colour research and a study of the different types of paper, their texture, and their potential. By exploring the multiple possibilities offered by paper—which can be painted, folded, wrinkled, or glued — she reveals a medium that can be much more than a visual experience. Pauline Loctin creates spaces for genuine human exchanges, where nature, culture, and humanity intersect and never depart from one another. Her love of colour, motifs and superimpositions, as well as her interest in light and shadows, have led her to work for such international institutions and brands as the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, the Grands Ballets Canadiens, Four Seasons, Holt Renfrew, Marie Saint Pierre, Maison Simons, Nespresso, COS, and Veuve Clicquot.