Structural system accessories in EPS
Structural system accessories in EPS
EPS structural system accessories

Poliespanso products use a series of accessories designed and patented specifically to make as a support during the laying of products, such as Claw, or as complementary of the same, as the Polyarmo under rave, or for panel processing, such as the Cutter. The high technology and the specificity of the products have led the company to produce itself a series of accessories that are necessary to complement the product, thus guaranteeing the yield and processing to 360°.

Artiglio is a printed EPS insert to be used for the assembly of elements of external origin, without the formation of thermal bridges in thermal insulation. The side surface has grooves to improve adherence to the support. Cutter is a sturdy device that can be used for cutting plates up to 160 mm thick and for special cuts. Poliarmo subtrave is a panel in sintered expanded polystyrene suitably shaped to ensure an optimal adhesion to the concrete of the beam and the plaster. Combined with the formwork-slab Plastbau, eliminates the thermal bridges of the slab at the beams.