Formworks and Matrices in EPS Poliarmo
Formworks and Matrices in EPS Poliarmo
Formwork and dies in EPS | Poliarmo

Polyarmo formwork and matrix are a line of formwork and matrix in sintered expanded polystyrene ideal for complex architectural elements. with absolute precision of shape. The installation requires only the positioning on the dock and the application of the jet containment banks. The matrices can be supplied in the standard version, with non-stick plastic material, or in the version in EPS only ideal for small shots.

The formwork and polyarmo matrices of reusable type, are produced with foam of high compression resistance and are covered with special non-stick plastic material that facilitates scasse and reuse. The matrix range uses specific products excellent for the building industry, whose manufacture will surprise for its aesthetic effect and executive perfection, such as the matrices for eave frames, the matrices for arches and the matrices for faces. The elements Poliarmo, will be fixed close to the supporting dock and spread with its disarming. Polyarmo formwork, can be supplied as follows in natural EPS for single use, in EPS with shaped surface covered with hardening resins to allow reuse for 4/6 times.