Plastbau sintered expanded polystyrene flooring
Plastbau sintered expanded polystyrene flooring
Sintered expanded polystyrene slab | Plastbau Metal

The slabs in expanded polystyrene, or Plasbau Metal slabs, are composed of a self-supporting formwork panel in expanded polysitrene and galvanized metal profiles with variable geometry and built-in thermal insulation. This union between the foam mass and the metal inserts inside. With this type of systems it is possible to replace crumbling slabs without adding weight on structures and foundations, as well as a considerable ease of installation. It is also possible to optimize the thicknesses by positioning all the plant within the longitudinal slots in the panels. A fundamental characteristic of this extraordinary product is the insulation without thermal bridges. It also allows to minimize the thickness of the roof slabs. Its advantages are high housing comfort, energy saving, ease of transport and installation.

In the series I - plaster the panels are coated at the bottom of a metal mesh in which the mortar is easily attached as the surface of the lower surface is already prepared. In the series C - ceiling panels are designed to remain raw and then be covered with panels using the sheets embedded in the panel. The series S - Sanitary, are not self-supporting panels, but are set up as sanitary floors on the ground floor, resting on a sand roof or as slabs superimposed on existing structures to be replaced.