Plastbau Wall System 3
Plastbau Wall System 3
Wall system | Plastbau 3

The Wall System Plastbau 3, is a custom formwork element for the casting of reinforced concrete supporting walls. It consists of two high-density EPS panels joined together and spaced out by metal lattices. The panels of standard width with design height, are placed side by side and form a rigid structure ready to receive the jet. Installation is carried out manually and is facilitated by special“U”profiles. The panels of the perimeter walls are prepared in the factory with the external slab suitably higher than the internal one at the height of the finished slab. Thanks to the three-dimensional iron lattice embedded in the panel, no additional formwork is required. A very simple hot blade instrument allows to dig quickly and cleanly the traces necessary for the installation of electrical and hydro-sanitary channels.

The panel Plastbau®-3 has a vertical reinforcement duly integrated with horizontal reinforcement, allows to create structures in c.a. monolithic making the construction antiseismic. Its high versatility allows to adapt the system to the needs of the designer, with the appropriate calculations. These and other solutions allow to reduce the costs of realization, to improve the design and housing comfort of the buildings. You can also reach the value of insulation to air noise, through the use of the panels, which have a high sound-absorbing power. The thermal insulation power is also very high and varies depending on the thickness of the two walls of expanded polystyrene. Connected to the high thermal insulation power is the saving factor.