Aluminium tubes for a Stand. The suspension system creates movement as curtains.

Designer Pedro García Martínez designed this ephemeral exhibition pavilion for a company dedicated to the production of aluminium windows and carpentry elements. He used the ductile and light material to create an interplay of suspended elements that seem to move in a vacuum.

The objects that made up the exhibition were carefully positioned in the stand, so that they enjoyed a more prominent position and more free space around them. It was as if each of these objects were wrapped in an imaginary bubble whose size was directly related to its importance.

At the same time, the project section was aimed at expressing the same idea. To do this, an imaginary surface was created, a sort of continuous mantle that gravitated on the exposed samples and became deformed. Thus, a series of areas were outlined with the suspended elements that, in addition to defining a spatial area, descend from the ceiling to highlight certain viewpoints

The material used are cylindrical pieces of waste during production, waiting to be recycled. One thousand nine hundred and thirty-three (1,933) aluminium cylinders were suspended from a total of four thousand five hundred and twenty-three (4,523) metres of wire with millimetric precision. The space is thus permeable to the eye and flooded with anodised reflections.