"Floating" Emergency Shelter. Design as a tool to improve the quality of life

The project, by the designers Andrés & José, was created as an emergency shelter in a place subject to continuous flooding in Yucatan, Mexico, reducing the risk of losing their assets to residents experiencing poverty

The flooding conditions to which the Yucatan is subjected in recent times has increased the risk of losing their assets to the people living there. In this regard, "Floating" is conceived, a strategic design object, which transforms design into a powerful tool capable of improving the quality of life and to fit harmoniously into a spatial landscape

This object is in harmony with the surrounding landscape and offers a solution to an emergency issue concerning a part of society living in unfavorable conditions. The prefabricated modular system rises from the ground and manages to float on the water and enables the movement of water along its natural path. Eventually, you can also customize its position with respect to the site