Shop Flagship Store Heytea wall coverings golden aluminum
Shop Flagship Store Heytea wall coverings golden aluminum

Flagship Store in China. Glass and materials define the space with geometric cuttings

Located in the Xiamen Island shopping mall, the project is a flagship store of Heytea, China's leading tea beverage brand. The project realized by the Moc Design Office Studio divides the functional space vertically

The store is located on the street corner and is enclosed by two glass walls that form a right angle. The transparent glass opens outwards and enhances the interaction of the store with passers-by. The overall space is characterized by modern geometrical shapes and materials in simple tones

Large surfaces are covered in concrete and gold-coloured stainless steel with strong texture contrasts that define the design. The black finish is added to the details, giving it a strong modern touch. In addition, the gold stainless steel is extended to the installation of the staircase, which appears dynamic under the dim light and becomes a visual focal point in space

The space is characterized by different heights in order to respond to the characteristics of the site and create movement, made by the designers thanks to a slight inclination of the ceiling and walls. This creative solution is the artistic added value of the project that defines the concept of the store

With a series of oblique surfaces, the interior space has a dynamic appearance. It breaks with conventional symmetry and displays a sense of tension. The geometric segmentation of the blocks create different experiences that adapt to Heytea's creative spirit.