In Cadiz a villa on the edge of the sea. Architecture emerges as a stone platform

The Villa, designed by the Alberto Campo Baeza Studio, rises like an infinite plane on the edge of the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, built as if it were a pier on the seafront. The travertine structure blends in with the sand and the pool looks like a continuum of the sea

The house was built as if it were a pier on the waterfront, a podium crowned by an upper horizontal plane. A high horizontal plane, built using stone, made of Roman travertine, blends in with the sand. To materialize this high horizontal plane, which is the main room of the house, a large box of 20 metres in front of it and 36 metres deep was built

An old Roman city is located nearby and a house was built in its honour, like a stone acropolis, made of Roman travertine. In order for that platform to have more strength, the structure was incorporated into the rock of the ground separating it from the road. The entrance to the house crosses this wall and is like a "trench" of stairs dug into the surface of the platform. On the bare stone platform, three walls protect the abutments and sides of the building from the prevailing strong wind