"Lakeside" the new building at Black Butte Ranch intended to enhance the connection with the landscape as well as guest experiences

Black Butte Ranch-an iconic resort community located near Sisters, Oregon-is at the gateway to the desert. First designed in the early 1970s, the Ranch is a vacation destination for many, and a year-round home for some. The new 15,000-square-foot building, the "Lakeside," replaces the main pool structure and revives the heart of the Ranch

The two wood-paneled structures house a bistro with indoor and outdoor seating, an outdoor pool with hot tub, locker rooms, a fitness room, a children's activity center, and an outdoor play area. The design of the new development, designed by Portland-based Hacker Studio, aims to do three things: develop the legacy of Northwest regional modernism, intensify the connection to the landscape, and enhance the user experience

The magnificent site of the new "Lakeside" sits among the Ranch's original, modernist buildings dating from the early 1970s: the award-winning Country House Condominiums and the Lodge. Inspired by the simplicity of the Country House Condominiums' barn and the abstract lines of the Lodge's roof, Hackers Studio's design evolves the building tradition to become more deeply connected to the surrounding landscape

The building design continues the classic Black Butte Ranch line: an overwhelming movement that travels through the site with an unfolding of views of the Cascade Mountains. The new buildings are arranged along an arched path, each with its own dedicated entrance. Openings, walkways and overhangs become gateways to distill the volcanic landscape into distinct moments, framing the Three Sisters and Mount Washington on the horizon

Creating a variety of spaces at the boundary between indoors and outdoors, the design offers varying levels of connection to the landscape and different opportunities for both moments of solitude and community. The Bistro features indoor and outdoor dining rooms with fireplaces to make winter mornings and summer evenings even cozier. The accentuated overhangs provide shade in summer and warmth in winter, reducing glare from the intense desert sun. The activity center offers children (and parents) a place to play with an unfinished interior that can take shape through the messy art projects and water balloon fights of its amused users