"The future belongs to the brave": at Mirai Ramenclub in Basel, the design brings the ancient back to life in a bold mix of tastes and styles

Design discovers a new dimension when cultures, traditions, and contemporary architectural practices intertwine. Exquisite style soars and merges into an innovative and fascinating dining space: the Mirai Ramenclub opened in 2020 in Basel, Switzerland

Mirai means future in Japanese. KOHLERSTRAUMANN studio in its design for Mirai Ramenclub captures the space as a venue to meet, enjoy and immerse oneself in stylish, quality cuisine: an open kitchen breaks the mold of the traditional restaurant and invites guests to indulge in moments of exuberant companionship and savor the culinary delights cooked there while tapping into modern Japanese cuisine mixed with French

KOHLERSTRAUMANN's design for the Ramenclub draws on influences from around the world.: the Mirai opens wide, chiseled in tones of black and gray. "Rough stone, metal and wood are the key materials for the minimalist design," say the designers. Through the detailed design of this interior, the aim is to facilitate a close relationship between chefs and diners

A large central kitchen, open to the restaurant space, towers over and shows off the chefs' culinary skills; a black granite counter with stools surrounds it and provides a first area available to diners where they can enjoy their meal in addition to the black granite tables and leather sofas. The main decorative element that vitalizes the entire project is the wooden frame sculpture that runs the entire ceiling of the restaurant, moving with random patterns while bringing dynamism

Mirai Ramenclub has established itself as an icon in Basel. Studio KOHLERSTRAUMANN deftly blends Japan and France: the freshness that characterizes the restaurant's volumes evokes aromatic sparks of food, refined cuisine, and service in tune with the moments of joy and laughter with the senses delighted by the food that Mirai Ramenclub has to offer