"The City as a Living Room": Penthouse in Prague

The penthouse design overlaps with other buildings by taking advantage of the panoramic view of the city of Prague: the boundaries of the apartment are blurred and the city is emotionally drawn into it by becoming part of it

The space of Penthouse in Prague is not limited within the physical layout, but the city surrounding the building becomes part of it, and the addition of façade glazing maintains the comfort of the indoor climate, connecting the city in an extended peripheral perception. The original apartment is reconstructed by petrjanda/brainwor studio into a penthouse: a house on a house

The architectural design draws on the penthouse's unique overlap with surrounding buildings and takes advantage of the panoramic view. The layout articulates the division of the apartment into private and social zones, balancing the solids and voids separated by the steel membrane of the undulating partition orbiting the elevator and entrance staircase

Behind this membrane are hidden all the private rooms, with their own perimeter terrace. Although the penthouse is mainly extroverted, its user comfort can be modulated in an intimo tram space by screens and the curtains. The membrane of the main partition, traversing smoothly through the apartment, creates a private world behind it, hidden from the view of visitors, and keeps the division intuitively readable only for the apartment's inhabitants

Structurally, as part of the reconstruction work, the perimeter cladding made by the client was completely removed and replaced with large-format atypical glazing through structural glazing. All partitions were removed to create a continuous layout