Corporate headquarters in Munich. The attractive Design New Talents towards a "networked community"

Evolution Design has created the new headquarters for a German engineering company in Munich, Germany. The design plays a key role in helping the company attract new talent.

The company has taken the opportunity to change its premises for a complete modernization and digitization of the workspace in order to maintain market leadership and compete more effectively

Puls has a reputation for innovation and significant investment and considers its employees to be the key to its continued success. Therefore, the human resources department has introduced a new social collaboration platform: a more flexible and transparent knowledge sharing tool and commissioned a new staff-centered workplace design.

Evolution Design was commissioned to create an environment that would transform the corporate culture from "islands of lonely workers" to a "networked community".

The new working environment revolves around the concept of a small village. Each team is located in a distinct neighbourhood, with individual colours and bold graphics, a concept that defines and delimits the space. The design focuses on bringing together different departments to encourage teamwork closely linked to sales and marketing, human resources and senior management.

On the basis of staff feedback, the Company decided to assign the individual counters to each staff member. However, the overall area dedicated to individual workplaces has been reduced, offering more space for common areas and encouraging collaborative work. These now include a large central amphitheatre, a café and both formal and informal meeting spaces: lounges, coffee points, meeting pods and creative rooms in which to connect and exchange ideas.

The new approach continues to push for cultural change, with teams reporting a significant increase in internal communication. The company has also seen an increase in spontaneous informal meetings, known to be one of the key indicators of success in innovation.

In addition to fostering innovation and increasing team spirit, it is also the new design spaces that improve the company's values and culture.