Renewed Beauty: A Rural Farmhouse Transforms into an Industrial Building

An ancient rural farmhouse located in Catalonia, home to agricultural workers for many years, was reimagined in 2021. The project by Enrica Mosciaro's studio aims to unify the ground floor level of the building, which is composed of various sections and not unified.

How to renovate a typical rural building in Catalonia, preserving the original construction.

This building, simple and non-unified, composed of various sections, was built over the course of three centuries, according to the needs of its inhabitants and users. The structure was made up of various parts, and each area had an independent entrance and a different flooring level. The aim of the project is to unify the ground floor level. This necessitated excavation in some areas, both inside and outside

La bellezza rinnovata: una masia rurale diventa un edificio industriale

The living space is renewed according to its intended use.

At the end of the 19th century, the building was transformed into a glass kiln, and it was during this period that a magnificent brick arch was constructed. The architectural design respected the existing volume, except for a central space that remained uncovered, becoming a very bright and airy courtyard.

This solution allowed minimizing interventions on the exterior of the farmhouse, preserving its austere and agricultural dwelling characteristics and emphasizing the beauty of the brick arch, which marks the change in the building's use from residential to industrial.

La bellezza rinnovata: una masia rurale diventa un edificio industriale