Circular wooden house. Sustainability as a focal point of the design

The KWK Promes Konieczny studio designs a circular-shaped house with sustainability as the focal point. Thanks to the use of natural materials, renewable energy sources and excellent thermal insulation, it functions as a passive house.

The project was conceived in special conditions, having to be constructed in two different places. As it was not clear on which of the two sites will the house be built, the house was to have certain characteristics so that it could easily be adapted to each location. 

This resulted in the idea of the "house standard": a round house, whose roof shape would be arbitrary according to the conditions of the landscape, and with the ground floor adaptable to the needs of the individual family.

The sustainable choices and respect for the environment can be clearly seen in the use of natural building materials, the use of renewable energy sources, the construction choice of prefabrication, thanks to which costs have been reduced but not the quality of construction

In addition, the formal choice of a circular building guarantees the elimination of thermal bridges, ensuring excellent thermal insulation, which, together with renewable energy installations make the house a passive house.