"Memoria Bloque" perforated in Madrid. A permeable building ribbon with intense colors

"Memoria Bloque" by amanncanovasmaruri studio is the result of a new expansion of the carabanchel neighborhood, near the Cuatro Vientos aerodrome: a linear block in which each face constitutes the main facade, with the same type of interior and exterior finish

The "Memoria Bloque" project by amanncanovasmaruri comes from a competition held by the Municipal Housing and Territory Company of Madrid for the expansion of the Carabanchel district. Winner of the first prize, the new block features 82 dwellings subject to public protection, containing from one to four bedrooms

The basement provides services and private parking, while the ground floor contains common spaces. The block provides bays with through-holes, which configures an enclosed space within the block's courtyards. "Memoria Bloque" provides main facades on all facades, with the same type of finish both inside and outside

The building closes in on itself, generating a permeable building ribbon, closely linked to the limits of the lot. The internal patio of considerable size becomes the heart of the project, generating collective spaces ready to respond to the minimum conditions of sociality. The internal public space is connected and ajar and assumes an ambiguous condition as an interior and exterior, where people of different ages live together