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arkitectureonweb, the most innovative Network on Architecture is renewed. The new versions in English and Spanish between publishing, online training, video and social media. A single community: 6 Portals in a single network

We are pleased to share a development work that led to the launch of new versions of the Portals of our Network at the end of August 2019 arkitectureonweb.com: 6 Portals to talk about Architecture, but not only! A space with the latest trends and a "place" where you can expand your education through our many online seminars

We have thought and reorganized our network by expanding the contents with the new versions in English and Spanish, to offer a perfect combination for the growth of Professionals and Companies, placing as essential points of the project: functionality and beauty

We hope to have succeeded in this. A path started in 2013, which saw an exponential increase of professionals from all over the world and of companies that used our portals to update, train, disseminate and make known their path and experiences.

Hence our wish for a good navigation in order to talk about architecture in "All its colors"!

R. Fabio Sciacca | Editorial Director
Mara Pasquini | Design & Architecture
Giulia Schellino | Companies & Training
Alessia Raponi | Editorial & Graphics
Katia Saporito | Editorial & Newsletter / DEM

Our Portals
The most innovative Network on Architecture: publishing, online training, video, social media in a single community. 6 Portals in a single network

www.arkitectureonweb.com (ENG / ITA / ESP)
www.arkitube.com (multilingual)
www.elearningonweb.com (ENG / ITA / ESP)
www.renovationonweb.com (ENG / ITA / ESP)
www.timberonweb.com (ESP / ITA / ESP)
www.designonweb.style (ENG / ITA / ESP)

elearningonweb.com> The new portal on vocational training takes the place of formazioneonweb.it, with even more content, seminars and topics, also in English and Spanish
designonweb.style> The portal focused on style and design. A reference with the new trends in architecture, design, graphics and much more
renovationonweb.com> The new version of the first portal born in our network, restrucareonweb.com. Specialized portal on building renovation and renovation, from today also in Spanish and English
timberonweb.com> Are you interested in the world of construction and wood works? Well! This is the right portal where you can find projects and systems from all over the world
arKitube.com> the first international portal dedicated to Architecture and Design videos
arkitectureonweb.com> the Network that collects the best of all five portals presented. A "Best of" that allows you to always have an updated overview of our world in just a few clicks

Our history

2013> RistrutturareOnWeb is born. The first portal dedicated to the topic of Restructuring and Building Recovery
2014> The family grows. LegnoOnWeb is born, the brother of RistrutturareOnWeb. Portal dedicated to the theme of construction and wooden works
2015> DesignOnWeb is the third portal of the group. Dedicated to the world of Style and Design. 2015 is a very active year in which we begin to test the first webinars without CFP on the three thematic channels
2016> After the first 25 on-line seminars broadcast in 2015 with 2,250 entries, it is time to launch the group's fourth portal, namely FormazioneOnWeb: the Portal dedicated to the world of training and professional updating
2017> It is the year of the new Restyling of portals, with the news of on-line seminars with CFP Architects recognized by the CNAPPC. The numbers are increasing, making FormazioneOnWeb a reference in the field of online professional training
2018> It is the year of the reorganization of the Portals with the birth of the new arkitube channel, the first international portal dedicated to architecture and design videos, and of the arkitectureonweb Network which collects all the latest news on the portals
2019> The launch of the multilingual portals (ITALIAN / ENGLISH / SPANISH) is a reality in August 2019. New versions of all portals and a final Rebranding designed also for the international market:

FormazioneOnWeb becomes elearningonweb.com, LegnoOnWeb becomes timberonweb.com and RistrutturareOnWeb becomes renovationonweb.com. Plus updated versions of designonweb.style and arkitube.com. All within the arkitectureonweb.com Network