Sandra Faggiano Architetto

Via Campania, 65, 65122 Pescara PE, Italia

Salentina and born in 1981. Architect since 2006, specialization in industrial design and master in graphics in 2008, in 2009 he opened his own architectural design studio in Pescara, and in 2010 he expanded it with the laboratory of experimental sustainable self-productions. Winner of several international contests, she participates in multiple events and collectives, as well as at the most important national and international fairs in the design and fashion sector. Present at Milan Design Week since 2010, at Salone del mobile_Salone Satellite 2014 and 2016, at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2015 and Design Week Mexico in 2015. Present within the W. Women in Italian Design (2016), on the occasion of the XXI International Exhibition , Design Museum of the Milan Triennale, and in 2014-10215 as one of the representatives of the new Italian design for the traveling exhibition The New Italian Design 2.0. Since 2014 he is also a professor of design in the Master in Interior Design at the Infobasic Professional Training Institute. Philosophy Each piece is unique. Every self-production is "sustainable". Each collection is in small limited series. Creative aggregations with waste objects from everyday life, industrial production and in particular construction work. "Experimental" creations in which cement mixtures are used for bio-construction, water and hemp threads for plumbing, worked together rediscovering ancient techniques of papier-mache. All seasoned always with a (self) biographical spirit of Salento