Simone Papais Architetto

Via Damiano Chiesa, 15 - 25128 Brescia

Furthermore, starting in 2011, he founded P-TEC, an Energy Service Company, which develops and implements measures to generate value from renewable energy production and energy efficiency. The SPA studio Simone Papais Architect participates in architectural projects from the scale of the single-family house to that of large settlements, collaborates with internationally renowned professionals and is the local leader for renewable energy and for building sustainability certifications, as well as valid technical support for companies and local administrations. The study consists of a group of specialists working in the field of architecture and technical-professional services, particularly in the energy and environmental fields. The design of sustainable buildings and the rational use of energy is one of the primary objectives of our work. Through a high professional profile, with a very in-depth knowledge of energy and environmental issues applied in different national and international contexts, we aim to satisfy the requests of a client that proposes stimulating and ambitious challenges on a conceptual and implementation level