Stefan Schweighofer

Hof 437, 6861 Alberschwende, Austria

There are countless reasons why customers come to us. Our spectrum is diverse and the initial situations are as different as the people themselves. But one thing is common to all: it is about the design enhancement of living and working space. As designers and master builders, we allow our customers to experience familiar spaces in a completely new way. Or create new exciting places out of nothing. Our solutions are always individually tailored to the task and the client. What worked excellently in one project does not have to be the best solution in another. This approach has a noticeably positive effect on our concepts and enables architecture to develop its full strength and develop charisma. The central part of our work is the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces. The surroundings of a building are as important to us as the spaces and spaces in between. We attach great importance to this harmonious balance. It is the crucial characteristic of our work