studio +R

Via Privata Angiolo Maffucci, 40, 20158 Milano, Italia

+ R was born in 2012 in Milan from the meeting of three architects united by a passion for the project lived in different fields and by the vision of architecture as a historical, economic and social resource. The work of + R is compared mainly with interventions on the built - from the renovation of houses, offices and shops, to the recovery and expansion of farmhouses, to the energy requalification of existing buildings - and also offers consultancy for set-up and scenography works. At the base of the projects there is the will to recognize in the existing building heritage a cultural, social and economic value to be re-evaluated. The method, based on the active listening of the existent, aims to apply a new reading to the object of intervention - whether it is an architecture, a piece of the city, a product, an image - giving it, through the project, a renewed identity, reinterpreted or simply rediscovered. Renew, recover, restructure, reuse, reactivate, in order to pursue a sustainable design model not only from a technological and energy point of view