studio raro

Via S. Martino, 34, 38122 Trento, Italia

Based in Trento, studio raro was founded in 2004 by Roberta Di Filippo and Roberto Salvischiani, deals with architecture and visual communication, earning awards and recognition in both fields. The experience gained through the construction supervision of construction sites, collaborations with various professionals, training courses on sustainability and communication, passion and attention to detail, allows the studio to tackle large or small scale projects in a complete and professional manner. The architectural competition represents for the rare study an ideal vehicle for the development of new architectural solutions and the search for new technologies, materials and forms. In 2014 he won the first prize in the competition for the Modification of the section of SS42 in Commezzadura (Tn) and in 2012 he won the competition for the redevelopment of Malga Fosse in the Municipality of Siror (Tn) on 180 participating projects. In 2013 he received the New Italian Blood 2013 Architecture Award, an award to 10 young talented Italian architectural firms