"The world does not belong to obedient children. The world belongs to those who know it well enough to change it."

Montessori Kindergarten abstains from the use of color, toys and special noises, targeting every design choice and not to specific educational activities, built on Montessori tools and systems

The nursery school concept in Klecany, Czech Republic, simply reflects the key elements of Montessori education. No Architects divide the rooms into corners which  provide spaces for different activities based on the needs of the children, who are free to cook in a real kitchen, work at a real workbench or take care of plants in a real garden

These corners are not only symbolic, but are placed in precise corners of the room and project from the inside to the outside, where they create small corners in the garden. Our ambition was to prepare a segmented environment on a limited terrain in order to attract the children's interest and help them perceive the world and think of architecture as something new and intriguing