Piazza Angelo Majorana, 10, 95131 Catania CT, Italia

Daniela Finocchiaro, Vincenzo Giusti, Luigi Pellegrino after some common experiences, joined in with the name of Tuttiarchitetti in 2011. The studio has carried out numerous projects in the field of design, private and public building and urban design, obtaining important awards such as the honorable mention of the Milan Triennale and several awards in national and international design competitions. The search for the quality of the architectural project, an essential component of Tuttiarchitetti's work, was carried out with particular attention to the relationship with customers and adopting technical solutions for green building and energy saving. Tuttiarchitetti employs a team of consultants for an integrated design that offers a complete service including, in addition to the design, the completion of the administrative process, the planning and executive definition of the plants, the structural calculations, energy analyzes, static tests up to the organization and management of the site. The studio's members have won prizes and awards by participating in various national and international design competitions; including the first prize in the "Centrourbano" competition for Piazza Umberto and Piazza del Popolo in Floridia (1996); the first prize in the international competition in two phases "Menoèpiù1 - Colle delle Gensole" for the planning of a nursery, a nursery school, a parking lot, a public park - Rome (2006); the first prize at the European Design Competition "-" botanical squares - recovery of five squares "(Piazza S. Maria di Gesù) - Catania (2006), the first prize in the national competition" Quattro sagrati a Sulmona "(2007), the first prize of the Design Contest Center for intermodal passengers, Macomer (NU) (2010), 3rd prize International Timber Houses of the World Award, 3rd edition, Lubijana Slovenija - (2015), selection 7th International Architecture Biennale Barbara Cappochin ( 2015), 2nd prize Competition RI.U.SO 04 Sustainable Urban Regeneration SAIE Bologna - CNAPPC (2015), Best project section Extension Lignius Prize Wooden architecture Made in Italy, Bolzano (2017). have been exhibited in numerous architectural exhibitions in Italy and in Europe Luigi Pellegrino has been professor at the Faculty of Architecture of Catania - Syracuse headquarters since 2004